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Same procedure as every year? [updated]

Ray Charles alias Bob RiceWell, not entirely. On Friday, December 15, lots of folks from the BFS and FAK were huddled together under the roof of cosy B01, celebrating the annual Christmas Party of the SDI's English Department. But something - or rather someone - was different: Mr Low, traditionally the master of ceremonies, was prevented from hosting the show by an insidious laryngitis. Instead, some guy from FAK I with an adorable accent substituted for him and, considering the limited preparation time, did a heck of a job.

But don't take my word for it ... knock yourselves out on the animated impressions below (pictures will follow soon)! Filmed from a strategically unfavorable position, the video clips are of even poorer quality than usual, but still better than nothing.

Since some of the files exceed 5 MB, DSL bandwidth is highly recommended for uninterrupted viewing pleasure :)

¬ Thomas Sauer's Welcome Address feat. Low Substitute
¬ Jingle Bells
¬ Bavarian Night Before Christmas feat. Bob Rice & Ulrike Fritz
¬ The Twelve Days of Christmas
¬ Santa Baby feat. Silvia Gutmann & Wolfgang Heuss
¬ The Anti-Claus feat. an ecstatic Thomas Sauer & Band
¬ Ray Charles feat. Bob Rice & the Ladies
¬ Ray Charles feat. Bob Rice & the Blues Brothers
¬ Ladies' Performance: Hips Don't Lie
¬ We Wish You a Merry Christmas
¬ Salsa Performance N° 1
¬ Salsa Performance N° 2

Click here for a some pictures taken by Karin Wildscheck (FAK II).

By the way, clips and pictures of previous Christmas Parties can be found here and here.


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